Yeshivah Prep High School Staff

Rabbi Sion Setton


Sarah Levy

Administrative Assistant 

Rachel Azkenazi        

Guidence Counsellor

Daniella Eson        

Computer Teacher

Reisy Frankel        
Speech Therapist

Robin Green        


Anna Kerzner        


Kineret Narboni    


Ariella Kamel       
Occupational Therapist

Tziri Lamm        


Rabbi Michael Schrem        

Jason Shtundel        

Rabbi Jacob Twena        


Rabbi Eli Mansour
Rabbinical Advisor
"I believe that in both the elementary yeshiva and the high school, Gesher Yehuda is on the cutting edge of education in both Judaic and Secular studies. The staff provides the top level of professionalism."

Deborah Katz
“I constantly have parents that come to see the school with hesitation and then repeatedly get the same reaction as they realize the student body is mainstream and that the school is a calm and happy environment."

Dr. Eugene Miller 
Executive Director

“When parents provide the right education at an early each it transforms the entire arc of their child’s life.”

Shirley Mansour 
Adminstrative Director
"The education the children receive here is unbelievable. You can feel the warmth the first moment you walk through the door."

Annie Abadi
Parent Liaison/DOE

Suzan Haber 

Administrative Assistant

Suri Fleishman



Dr. Chaim Neuhoff, PhD.
School Psychologist

Liki Neiman
Lower Grades Coordinator/English
​"We love hearing from parents that their child's home-life has improved as a result of what goes on in school. In the first few months they no longer struggle through hours of homework and take great pride in all that they are learning." 

Devorah Roth 
Hebrew Education Coordinator / Assistant Principal
"Our Judaic Studies Curriculum is cumulative. In this way the students retain what they are learning in a meaningful and relevant way."

Rebecca Balsam, LMSW
Guidance Counselor / Social Worker
"The team reviews each child and engages the parents in the decision making process and where we value their input. Many children who were unhappy in other schools find a place in Gesher Yehuda where they love school. Parents have told us their children actually missed school over a vacation.”

Golda Gorin, MS Sp. Edu, SBL
Social Skills Therapist / Evalulator 2 years
“Gesher Yehuda is a unique place where you see real teamwork in action. Everyone works cooperatively together to maximize the potential of each student.”

​Rivky Teitelbaum, MS, OTR/L.
Occupational Therapist
"Gesher Yehuda has an incredible team of professionals and we continually work together to facilitate each child's growth."



Sophia Dweck, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology
Speech Therapist 

​Laura Kurtz, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology
Speech Therapist
“The school is unique in that everyone is warm and caring . They really work together as a team.”

Nechama Silbert, M.S. Speech-Language Pathology
Speech Therapist

Judaic Faculty

Rabbi Yitzchak David
Rabbi / Teacher

Rabbi Leon Mansour

Rabbi Daniel Roth
Rabbi / Teacher
"Our school is very focused on each and every child in helping them reach their potential.The Senior Staff is very much on target in knowing what each child needs and how to accomplish it." ​

Rabbi Mordechai Tesser
Rabbi / Teacher

Miriam Bleier, BS, MS Early Childhood
Hebrew Teacher
“The school is entirely student-oriented, where every child gets all the necessary help and services to help him/her in all areas. Every student has an individualized plan to help him/her succeed and reach their utmost potential.”

Nechama Breski, M.S. Special Education


Rachel Ginsberg, M.S. Special Education
English Teacher
“Gesher Yehuda isn’t just a school, it is a family.”

Temmy Ginsberg Berk, M.S. Special Education


Chaya Rivky Horowitz, M.S. Special Education

Kindergarten Teacher

Adel Kramer, M.S. Special Education

Reading Teacher​​

Leah Lazari, M.S. Special Education


Elisheva Myers, M.S. Special Education


Dovid Schwartz, M.S. Special Education


Batya Shapiro, M.S. Special Education