Our Mission + Vision

Where every child has the self-esteem and confidence
to bring their gifts to successfully living a full life.

Every child is exceptional

Every parent thinks their child is exceptional – and they are right. We are commanded by King Solomon to educate our children according to the way they learn.

Gesher Yehuda provides guidance for all parents looking for a customized curriculum designed to build upon a child’s unique strengths and gifts. We provide a community Yeshiva in the Sephardic tradition for all Jewish children where they can develop the self-esteem and confidence needed to live a full and successful life. Our children get the environment they need to develop a love of learning in all of its forms.


Every child may realize their true gifts

Our ideal student thrives in a bespoke educational environment focused on discovering and growing their talents and capabilities. Our team of expert professionals craft a unique path for each student by applying the latest research in a cross-disciplinary way.

We encourage parents to reach out to us for guidance on building the best educational approach for their child early on. We give them the right mix of approaches and support for them to succeed across all aspects of their lives.

Our Teachers and Leaders

All our senior administrators, educators and therapeutic professionals have decades of experience working with and educating children.

Rabbi Mansour

Rosh Yeshiva

Goldy Gorin Headshot
Educational Director and Curriculum Coordinator, Middle School & Junior High
Educational Director and Curriculum Coordinator, Lower Grades

Our History

For almost 30 years, our approach has resulted in
 socially confident, proficiently skilled young adults
 dedicated to education and healthy growth.

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1993: Gesher Yehuda is founded

Claude and Jack Setton had a child who was not thriving in mainstream education. He simply was not receiving the support he needed.  They decided that if the school he needed to thrive did not exist, they would build it… for themselves and for the community. That’s how Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva started — out of the recognition that each child was special. Jack and Claude began with the knowledge that the best way to grow a child’s love of learning was to design a tailored curriculum for each child that fostered their self-esteem and accounted for their specific gifts and skills.

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1996: Planting roots in Brooklyn

After three short years, Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva purchased its own educational facility. The space allowed for small classes and individualized attention. Directors, teachers, counselors, and therapists infused the space with a happy and empowering atmosphere, creating a welcoming, joyful vibe that touches anyone who comes into its space.

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2008: Yeshiva Prep High School

Seeking to extend this individualized methodology beyond the elementary school years, the Yeshiva Preparatory High School (YPHS) was founded. The approach from the very beginning was to link YPHS with the Yeshivah of Flatbush’s Joel Braverman High School. By doing so teenagers would enjoy the best of two worlds: a personalized, modulated program, while attending a traditional high school replete with social, cultural, and extracurricular activities. Our YPHS students navigate a dual curriculum, perform Hesed hours, take New York State Regents Exams and receive college guidance. Seniors intern weekly at local businesses to sample different career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers

Yes! We encourage parents to come and tour the school for the full Gesher Yehuda experience of warmth, professionalism, and meet the team players. Make an appointment.

Once a parent contacts the school, the educational director will schedule a walkthrough and/or an intake session.

Parents will receive an application packet. A screening will take place in Gesher Yehuda once the parents have completed the application and submitted the necessary documents.

For more information email us or call 718-714-7400.

Gesher Yehuda looks to see:

  1. How we may assist your child
  2. How your child meets the Gesher Yehuda profile

Students who need remedial intervention and differentiated instruction and who may benefit from small classroom size with individualized curriculum. Gesher Yehuda is a strong academic program. We work with students who need additional support in learning, speech and language, sensory integration and in focusing. We are not a school for children with pronounced behavioral or developmental challenges

We have a professional team of educational directors, a highly experienced child psychologist, a well qualified therapeutic team including speech therapists, occupational therapists, an in-staff physical therapist, a school counselor, and reading specialists for both Hebrew and English. This is all in addition to our master level teaching staff.

Early Childhood Centers, Mainstream community schools as well as schools across the tri-state area.

Our goal is to meet the needs of the students and provide the support they need to excel. In some cases, students may return to a mainstream school after acquiring techniques that support each student’s learning style. We always take into account the individual needs of each student to determine the best placement for their education.

Some students transition into Gesher Yehuda’s affiliated high school — Yeshiva Prep High School. Other students enroll in mainstream yeshiva high schools.

Bullying is not tolerated at Gesher. We have many programs in place from teacher modeling to clear, simple, positively enforced classroom roles. We have a positive school wide behavioral program, the back bone of which is our 3 Cs program designed and administered by our School Psychologist, Dr. Chaim Neuhoff.  3Cs (Compliance, Completing my Work,  Courteous Speech) rewards children for positive behavior with special trips or events.

We welcome your involvement. Please contact us at info@gesheryehuda.org.

Yes. Please contact our principal, Mrs. Paulina Salem for guidance.

Communication at Gesher Yehuda is an important part of the educational experience. We are in touch with parents as a team, and  are always available by phone, email and through the parent portal.

Class size ranges between 5-10 students with a Special Education teacher and a co-teacher. At times, additional teachers will be added during core subjects (reading and math). All total the ratio is 1 teacher/staff person for every 3 students.

We use the Department of Education Individualized Education Plan mandates as a base. Gesher provides all mandated services. In addition our therapeutic staff evaluates each student at the beginning of the full semester to design a customized therapeutic schedule. If our staff determines that a student will need an enhanced therapeutic regimen, we will provide it.

Students feel comfortable in the environment. They don’t have to prove themselves. They are encouraged and loved in our environment. Especially in their early educational careers, self esteem is absolutely essential to effective learning. Learning with others who face the same challenges facilitates a positive and effective educational environment.

Once a child is accepted by the Educational Team into Gesher Yehuda a meeting is scheduled between parents and the Executive Director to discuss tuition and develop a tuition plan. Core to the Gesher philosophy is that an excellent, customized education should be available to all in the community who need it.

At Gesher we have an open door policy. We invite, encourage parent involvement in their child’s education. This includes everything from parenting workshops to periodic as needed discussions with parents regarding their child’s progress. Parental involvement is a great plus and always welcomed.

Each classroom is outfitted with a state of the art Smart Board which is utilized in many capacities to enhance student instruction. Teachers create interactive lessons which are highly visual and engaging. The students with learning challenges benefit from this high-tech method of intervention which addresses a muli-modal means of support.

In addition, our computer lab consists of laptop computers for student use. The children are given instruction in typing programs, as well as general computer use. Our students’ writing instruction is enhanced by their ability to create and edit their documents on the computer, eliminating the struggle that writing presents.

Finally, iPads are used in the classroom to extend student learning, while working independently in centers or by listening orally to books read aloud through Learning Ally.

Each class is carefully curated to balance each student’s educational, emotional and social needs. While we are a self-contained school children enjoy a full range of extracurricular activities.  We also (once the social distancing requirements subside) arrange athletic events with other schools.

Yes, the school is peanut free. All dietary restrictions are strictly followed.

Yes. We have a very robust, competitively compensated,  assistant teacher program. Many aspiring teachers have walked through our halls and gained their initial pedagogical guidance. The Gesher program is well known and highly regarded.

We are very hands-on. Several mechanisms are used. Senior administrators hold team meetings with faculty and therapists on a weekly basis to discuss each child’s progress on an at need basis. In addition to report cards, bi annual progress reports are written by teachers and therapists for each student. Each child’s social and emotional progress is monitored on an ongoing basis.

We provide a full schedule of classes integral to each child’s education. These include: music, art,  gym and field trips. In addition a robotics program will be initiated in Fall 0f 2021.



Working at
Gesher Yehuda

At Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva, emphasis is placed on what the actual needs of the students are. They are individuals with the ability to be challenged and move on to higher and higher levels. Does this sound like you? Find out what its like to work on our team.