What you do

  1. Contact. By calling the school directly, we can begin the discussion of what your child's needs are and if Gesher Yehuda is the right fit. Contact Mrs. Deborah Katz, Principal: 718.714.7400 ext.201​
  2. Share. If your child meets the requirements of our specialized educational services, an information packet and application will be sent to you.
  3. Evaluate. We require several forms and reports, we will set up a meeting with  with the staff of the child's current school .


What we do

  1. Assess. Upon completion an assessment of necessity will be performed.
  2. Evaluate. A comprehensive screening of your child will take place before admission is approved.
  3. Accept. Once accepted, affordability options will confidentially be discussed with the Executive Director. Assistance in obtaining entitlement services, when appropriate, will be given.  Dr. Eugene Miller, Executive Director : 718.714.7400 ext. 202

Tuition Opportunities
Every student is guaranteed by the Board of Education to receive a fair and appropriate education - this does not mean however, that the Department of Education (DOE) makes it easy to obtain funds for private schools. 

At Gesher Yehuda, we believe in breaking down the obstacles that stand between students and achieving their fullest potential. We help parents with the evaluation process from the application language to DOE hearings. We inform parents of deadlines, and develop reimbursement schedules to suit their needs.