The Future of Education is Here

Gesher Yehuda provides a customized curriculum designed to build upon a child’s unique
strengths and gifts.

We follow the New York State curriculum guidelines and provide an active and compassionate structural environment. Formerly struggling learners earn confidence as they acquire skills in an academically corrective setting.

A student’s community is essential for healthy self-esteem. Rabbis and teachers provide visual exercises, hands-on study and field trips with a strong emphasis placed upon Jewish customs and heritage.

We believe in breaking down the obstacles that stand between students and achieving their fullest potential. Our unique in-house staff approach creates a team to best individualize strategies for each student. 

Extracurricular Activities contribute to students’ success. These activities positively correlate with students’ development and enhance their academic and social growth. 

“On Three Things the World Exists: Torah, Service to Hashem and Acts of Kindness to Others.” Incorporating age-appropriate acts of kindness into the program syllabus is an integral component at Gesher Yehuda. 

Each week our Rabbinic staff, and in honor of special occasions and chagim, our esteemed Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Mansour share insightful and family friendly commentaries on the Weekly Biblical Portion.

Yeshivah Prep
High School

Yeshivah Prep enables students to strive for
excellence and provide programming geared to their strengths while meeting the standards of the New York State High School curriculum. Small academic classes and individualized therapeutic instruction arm students with the tools of socialization and appropriateness of behavior to allow our students to complete the regent curriculum and prepare for college and/or careers.

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“I aim to have every child at Gesher Yehuda walk out of the school halls knowing and enjoying all the Tefillot in shul, whether it is a weekday, Shabbat or a holiday.”

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The future of education is here. We’ve got it scheduled.