Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities contribute to students’ success. These activities positively correlate with students’ development and enhance their academic and social growth. 

Physical Education

Gesher Yehuda is fortunate to have Victor Gindi as the school’s Physical Education Teacher. Victor’s experience, energy and passion bring excitement to every physical ed session promoting a healthier body, mind, and spirit for each child, setting goals to reach higher limits.

Physical activity allows the student to be more productive and develops the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The sessions strengthen peer relationships, increasing the ability to create leadership qualities. Physical education doesn’t stop once the session is over, the benefits are spread into every aspect of a child’s day. 

Gesher Yehuda's Music Art Library


Gesher Yehuda’s art curriculum introduces and encourages students to use their imagination and creativity. Students explore and experiment with a wide range of art forms to complete individual and collaborative projects. The art class facilitates class discussions with the teachers, therapists, and peers.

Music Appreciation

Gesher Yehuda’s music program has proven the influence of music in a child’s development, enhancing their ability to perform. Gesher Yehuda strengthens the curriculum by incorporating Music Appreciation classes in the lower division.

Music promotes students to perform better, develops listening skills, ability to concentrate, and aid in a child’s memory. The music program expands on children’s creativity and sensitivity as well as developing self-confidence through rhythm and movement.

Other Classes

We follow the New York State curriculum guidelines and provide an active and compassionate structural environment. Formerly struggling learners earn confidence as they acquire skills in an academically corrective setting.

A student’s community is essential for healthy self-esteem. Rabbis and teachers provide visual exercises, hands-on study and field trips with a strong emphasis placed upon Jewish customs and heritage.

On Three Things the World Exists: Torah, service to Hashem and acts of kindness to others. Incorporating age-appropriate acts of kindness into the program syllabus is an integral component at Gesher Yehuda.