"I believe that in both the elementary yeshiva and the high school, Gesher Yehuda is on the cutting edge of education in both Judaic and Secular studies. The staff provides the top level of professionalism."
                             Rabbi Eli Mansour 
                      Rabbinic Adviser since 1993 


  • Hebrew Reading
  • Prayer
  • Hebrew Language
  • Weekly Biblical Portion
  • Chumash
  • Halacha
  • Talmud

All subjects are taught by professionally certified Rabbis and teachers. Verbal and visual exercises, hands on study and field trips maintain a high interactive level of learning. Strong emphasis is placed upon Jewish customs and heritage as integration into the student's community is essential for healthy self-esteem. Community guest Rabbis periodically lecture on various topics of interest.

In Junior High Judaic Studies classes are gradually departmentalized and boys attend daily minyan. 

  • Daily Prayer
  • Holiday Programs 
  • Guest Lecturers
  • Field Trips​

Cornerstones of Hesed
On Three Things the World Exists:
​Torah, service to Hashem and acts of kindness to others.

Incorporating age-appropriate acts of kindness into the program syllabus is an integral component of a Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva education. Jewish education has always been synonymous with the comprehensive development of each individual. Development of the heart is as important as development of the mind.


Kindergarten-Grade 4
Early childhood and elementary age students participate in the TIKI program.Translated as My Knapsack, the role playing series encourages the lessons of sharing, consideration and inclusion. Helping to deliver an anti-bullying message, students report and compare their reactions with those of yeshiva students across the country.

​Junior High
Students grades 5-8 develop interpersonal skills by directing the course of interactive exercises. Cause and effect are learned with an emphasis on consideration and social consciousness.
Yeshivah Prep High School
Students perform community Hesed hours. Peer activities centered around the Jewish calendar such as food packaging and visits to the elderly further emphasis the communal need for actively compassionate members. Programs at the Yeshivah of Flatbush also solidify the merits of a socially conscious, involved life.