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Opening the World of Literacy

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​Rabbi Eli J Mansour

Specialized Education and Learning Talmud

​​​​The New Face of Specialized Education at Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva

Seventy professionals in the educational field attended, The New Face of Specialized Education, at Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva on February 28, 2019.

The overriding theme of the morning was that high-quality special education programs have the power to transform lives. But no longer can they simply rely on quality teaching and small class size. To truly be effective they must be enhanced with research-based therapies, multi-layered, multi-sensory pedagogies and individualized classroom management programs, all embedded in a comprehensive IT infrastructure.

The program was moderated by Rabbi Eli Mansour who framed the discussion in the Torah mandate that not only do we have an obligation to educate all our children, but we have to tailor our teaching to the capacity of each student. The presenters, all on staff at Gesher Yehuda, offered perspective on new developments in specialized education.  
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​Rabbi Eli J Mansour

Overcoming the Stigma of Specialized Education

The New Face of Specialized Education

Mrs. Rivky Teitelbaum

Occupational Therapy Addressing Dificits from the Bottom Up