Related Services

We have an outstanding therapy program at Gesher Yehuda consisting of speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling services. Utilizing evidence-based practice and a multi-disciplinary approach, our team of expert professionals collaborates with one another to help all students achieve their individualized goals and develop to their maximal potential.

Speech & Language Department

Using a multi-sensory approach, our phenomenal team of NY state licensed and ASHA certified speech language pathologists, incorporate academics and receptive, expressive, social, emotional, and pragmatic language skills to best help each child meet his/her potential.

Therapists work with students individually and in small groups using a variety of research-based programs and modalities such as the Visualizing & Verbalizing program to help students who struggle with reading comprehension and language processing, the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) to improve each child’s level of written and oral language expression, and the SKILL Narrative program, to help students to improve critical language abilities and develop foundational literacy skills. The PROMPT method is used to remediate articulation deficits and help students who struggle with motor speech difficulties to be intelligible in all settings.

The speech therapy department at Gesher Yehuda collaborates with our mental health professionals to conduct social skills training programs, implementing the Zones of Regulation program in conjunction with the Superflex program, to help students to improve their social awareness, self-regulation, and problem solving abilities. Using a “whole child approach,” our speech therapists focus on the strength that each child possesses, empowering the students to see the positive in themselves as they develop a true sense of self-confidence while working to achieve their goals.

Areas we focus on:

  • Executive Functioning
  • Basic Concept Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Skills
  • Reading/Listening
  • Comprehension
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Verbal Expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Retrieval
  • Writing
  • Articulation
  • Higher Level Language skills
  • Social-Pragmatic
  • Language Skills
  • Oral Motor Strengthening
Gesher Yehuda Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy with Dr. Moshe Raoufian, DPT.
Occupational/Physical Therapy Department

Our team of experienced therapists work with students individually and in small groups within our state-of-the-art sensory gym. To maximize carryover, the therapists will design individualized sensory diets for those students that will benefit and train teachers/parents to implement these exercise routines within the classroom/home environment.

Neural pathways are strengthened through repetition. To effectively create neurological change, daily occupational therapy groups are conducted within each class at Gesher Yehuda. Each group has been uniquely designed to meet the needs of the students in those particular classes and may include a variety of yoga exercises, proprioceptive sensory input, and core/strengthening activities. When applicable, they will simultaneously focus on facilitating the integration of specific residual primitive reflexes.

NeuroNet, a research-based learning readiness program designed to help students develop fluency in critical reading, math, and handwriting skills, has been introduced in specific classes and found to be very effective in helping students to appropriately cross midline as well as improve their level of body awareness, coordination, and right/left discrimination. 

Areas that we focus on:

  • Upper Body/Core Strengthening
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Sensory Processing Skills 
  • Reflex Integration Skills
  • Visual Motor/Perceptual Skills 
  • Ocular Motor Skills
  • Graphomotor Skills
Counseling/Mental Health Department

Using a cross-disciplinary approach to support the whole child, our experienced team of mental health professionals work with the students to help them to identify personal strengths/weaknesses and develop the skills necessary for personal and interpersonal success. 

Our mental health team utilizes evidence-based practice materials in accordance with each student’s unique needs and preferences. Services are offered both individually and in targeted group settings. Various methodologies are implemented including strategies derived from the literature of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Social Thinking, and Interpersonal Systems. 

The outcomes we focus on are:

  •   Building self-esteem
  •   Self-regulation skills
  •   Developing social awareness
  •   Applying communication skills
  •   Social skills 
  •   Executive functioning skills

Other Classes

Extracurricular Activities contribute to students’ success. These activities positively correlate with students’ development and enhance their academic and social growth. 

We follow the New York State curriculum guidelines and provide an active and compassionate structural environment. Formerly struggling learners earn confidence as they acquire skills in an academically corrective setting.

A student’s community is essential for healthy self-esteem. Rabbis and teachers provide visual exercises, hands-on study and field trips with a strong emphasis placed upon Jewish customs and heritage.