Dr. Moshe Raoufian

Physical Therapist
“Parents’ attitudes can play a key role in a child’s physical therapy. They should be supportive and encourage their children to participate in all activities, making the most of physical therapy sessions.”

As an experienced pediatric physical therapist, I am very proud of the work I am doing. It’s a fun and challenging job that is very rewarding for me. My goal is to help kids to improve muscle strength, range of motion, balance, flexibility, and movement patterns to achieve their optimal level of function to allow for independent exploration of their environment.

Children should have fun, but as any adult who has had an injury knows, physical therapy can be hard! It’s my job as their physical therapist to engage them with fun, age-appropriate games and activities to keep them motivated, happy and progressing.

Number of years of experience in the field: 15
Number of years in Gesher: 5
Education: The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Touro College