Mrs. Malkie Hirsch

Speech-Language Pathologist
“I believe every child can shine. Each one has their own unique qualities. As a therapist it is my job to enable children to understand and develop their own special talents.  They need to feel that by utilizing their own skills, they can succeed.”

I am a New York state licensed and an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist, as well as a certified Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped. I have worked in several general and special education programs throughout my career. Using a multi-sensory approach, I incorporate academics and receptive, expressive, social, emotional, and pragmatic language skills to best help each child meet his/her potential. I believe that focusing on the strength that each child possesses, while showing them how much I care for them, enables them to be more receptive to learning and thriving.  The highlight of my career is being able to help my students see the positive in themselves as they develop a true sense of self-confidence while working to achieve their goals.

Number of years of experience in the field: 16
Number of years in Gesher: 7
Education: Touro College