Miss Shoshana Gershbaum

6th Grade General Studies Teacher
Regarding learning, I’ll quote Einstein; “I’m neither clever, nor especially gifted, I’m just very, very curious.” I’m a lifelong learner and if I can share my passion and interest in learning with my students then who can tell where the impact ends?

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I have a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Excelsior College and a Master of Special Education from Daemen College, with certification in both General and Special Ed.

While waiting for an internship in another field, I agreed to substitute for a family friend’s first grade class. Mr. Isaac Fink zt’l, then principal of YTV, walked in to observe and offered me a position. The temporary position was intended to be a filler job, but I quickly realized that teaching was where I belonged. I enjoyed presenting challenging ideas in a way that the children could grasp them, then watching them produce well beyond expectation.

Number of years of experience in the field: 8
Number of years in Gesher: 3
Education: Master of Special Education from Daemen College