Rabbi Leon Mansour

“As educators, it is our duty to set a standard for our students, to teach them how and when prayer should be said.”

Tefilla is a very important part of the day; it sets the tone for a child for the rest of their day. At Gesher Yehuda I introduce parts of the tefillot according to their level and keep adding parts of the tefillah as the year goes by. My goal is for a child to walk into a shul and feel more confident in their skills.  My focus  has been to say the prayers out loud together while giving each child an opportunity to be a hazzan and boost their confidence and self-esteem. In order to give the students the best experience possible, I motivate them with daily points, weekly prizes and Rosh Chodesh treats. We have a special classroom designated for prayers which has siddurim, tehillim and a sefer torah.

Number of years of experience in the field: 15+
Number of years in Gesher: 15+
Education: Mikdash Melech Jerusalem