Rabbi Shelomo Elnadav

Pizmonim/Mesorah Teacher
“I aim to have every child at Gesher Yehuda walk out of the school halls knowing and enjoying all the Tefillot in shul, whether it is a weekday, Shabbat, or a holiday.”

As a community school, Mesorah, Pizmonim, and Proper Reading is a vital part of a child’s growth. Praying in shul, joining in at a Sebbet, and learning to read from the Torah will surely lead every child to be a vibrant community member. 

Rabbi Elnadav hails from a line of community hazzanim. His passion and enthusiasm comes through when interacting with our students. Rabbi Elnadav has become a valuable and integral part of the Gesher team.

Number of years of experience in the field: 5
Number of years in Gesher: 5
Education: Yeshivat Ateret Kollel