The Reading Corner

Ms. Rivky Braun, MSEd, Sp.Ed, W.D.P. is Orton Gilligham trained. She is our Hebrew Reading consultant at Gesher Yehuda. Ms. Braun is currently and will continue serving as a Keriah Specialist at Magen David Yeshiva, a place that she has worked for the past 14 years guiding and enriching the lives of countless students in the field of reading proficiency. She will continue in that role moving forward each morning.

In her afternoon hours, Ms. Braun plays a pivotal role at Gesher Yehuda training and supervising our Hebrew staff. She works diligently to educate our teachers on how to best provide a meaningful and well-balanced reading curriculum. Ms. Braun’s warmth, devotion, and understanding of different reading techniques guides our teachers in a direct and simple way. Her vast knowledge and expertise make her a valuable asset to our team.

Ms. Braun recognizes the different needs of learners and uses a systematic multisensory approach to reading. Ms. Braun imparted, “We use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic cues to help students connect and learn”. She gives her teachers the scope and sequence of the reading process. She teaches new and innovative techniques using a variety of different manipulatives. This process ensures that our students are reading accurately, fluently, and proficiently.

Children with a reading or language difficulty need teachers who can adapt a multisensory approach to meet the learning needs of their students. For example; if a student learns best with their hands, she teaches letter recognition using hands-on materials, such as tracing letters in clay, sand, or wiki sticks. For some students, this is more effective than memorization.

Ms. Braun truly believes that giving our children empowerment to learn how to read properly is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Reading is the foundation to a child’s academic success and one of the most important skills in modern day society. Seeing the student’s confidence grow as they hone their reading skills is a remarkable experience.

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