Students achieve academic success, social integration and emotional confidence. We mainstream students on grade level and preparedness to learn. 

At Gesher Yehuda we view each student as an individual whose interests and abilities motivate their desire to learn. Through a flexible and comprehensive interdisciplinary approach, we devise learning strategies based on students’ strengths.
Our professional staff provide clearly structured, multi-sensory experiences in all subject areas. Small class settings, tailored groups and individual instruction provide opportunities in a challenging yet nurturing environment. 


Students develop self-esteem and self-advocacy, easing their adjustment towards conventional school and social settings.


Age appropriate skills and Jewish heritage are emphasized. We are compliant with New York State academic requirements. 


Professionals identify and use  students’ strengths to expand knowledge and confidence.

"This school is a unique blend

of a community school and professionalism.  

It all starts with the child:

“What is best for that student?" 

Using the professional tools available

to this team of educators and treatment specialists,

a personalized education is built

within the context of normal classrooms.

These are typical, normal students

who have learning differences."

                               Dr. Mary Courtney, PhD.

​                                  School Psychologist

Gesher Yehuda's History

  1. 1993 - Claude and Jack Setton were dedicated to finding the best and most comprehensive learning environment for their children. If it didn't exist, they would build it. For the first time these types of students would be able to successfully study their own Jewish heritage and culture in a classroom of their peers. Classes began with an emphasis of ameliorating learning differences in a warm, happy and empowering atmosphere. 
  2. 1996 -With the purchase of their own educational facility, Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva established itself as a community school. Providing small classes and personalized attention, staff counselors, therapists and directors geared the curriculum specifically for each student with flexibility and ingenuity. 
    Six students in its first year blossomed to thirty six by the third. 
  3. 2008 -Seeking to extend this individualized methodology beyond the elementary school years, the original founders, along with Rebecca Harary, launched Yeshiva Preparatory High School (YPHS). 
    Successfully implemented, students currently navigate a dual curriculum, perform Hesed hours, take New York State Regents Exams and receive college guidance. Seniors also intern weekly at local business, sampling different careers.
  4. Today-Currently, our schools educate between 70 to 80 students each year with the same personalized focus and nourishing educational environment it was chartered with. More than 20 years since its inception, Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva's stellar approach has resulted in socially confident, proficiently skilled young adults dedicated to education and healthy growth.