​ ​Courses Offerings / Faculty

The Yeshivah Prep high school curriculum follows NY State Standards ultimately earning our students a full High School Regents diploma. As an accredited four year high school, we emphasize and place much importance on academics with a small student to teacher ratio.  In addition, we strive to help our students grow and develop on a social/ emotional level as well. Teachers, therapists and Rabbis present material utilizing various modalities thus enabling the students to learn according to the methods that are best for them thereby retaining subject matter and perpetuating self-learning throughout life.

Mrs. Deborah Katz

School Principal

Special Education/Psychology Staten Island University
Sara Shneirer Yerushalayim Teacher’s College 
Experience: Yeshiva Darchei Torah, Teacher 12 years 
                   Ichud Mosdos Hachinuch, HS Program Coordinator 11 years 
                   Yeshivah Prep & GYY 7 years

Creating and monitoring the dual curriculum at Yeshivah Prep, Mrs. Katz does overtime coordinationg all aspects at our affiliate, Gesher Yehuda Yeshiva Grades K-8 as well. Her goal for YP is to maintain a safe yet rigorous and constantly fluid learning environment. She has built a faculty focused on effective instruction education while maintaining parental involvement and satisfaction. Moderating professional team meetings to evaluate and strategize an educational plan for each student Mrs. Katz gently challenges the pupil to strive to the next level. By identifying and responding to core strengths and needs of the students, competent young adults emerge. ​

Executive Functioning 
Mrs. Sara Aliza Belsky

Associate Principal

Mrs. Belsky focuses on student tasks related to Executive Functioning. This group of mental skills, channeled properly allows for making plans, keeping track of time and finishing work, keeping track of more than one thing at once, including past relevant knowledge in discussions, evaluating ideas and reflect on work, changing our minds and making mid-course corrections while thinking, reading and writing, asking for help or seeking more information when we need it, engaging in group dynamics and waiting to speak until called upon. Clearly these abilities are relevant to the classroom, the home and will be crucial for future education and careers. This is in addition to her duties of Associate Principal where she meets with teachers to discuss student academic progress. Mrs. Belsky strategizes on how to challenge students to their next individual levels. The goal is to keep the atmosphere calm, positive and unstressful while enabling the students to move forward. Taking a global view she observes classes daily to analyze student involvement, retention and response. She then crunches test data and other criteria to consistently tailor and modify an ongoing individualized plan. 

Judaic Studies

Rabbi J.J. Yurman

Assistant Principal
Experience: Mashgiach Ruchany of Yeshivat Aderet HaTorah in Yerushalayim
                   Yeshivah Prep 6 years

Rabbi Yurman wants students to question the Gemara they are learning. No matter what comes up during the analysis or historical background, students are encouraged to challenge the logic. In this way they are encouraged to become literate members of the Jewish people. In addition the goal of Tefilah class for the 9th grade is to understand the structure of payer and for the 10th, the philosophy and meaning. Weekly parasha and Yidiot Klalot- Jewish General Knowledge lessons not only enhance their connection to Hashem but they build up a Jewish fluency in the students. Further, Rabbi Yurman is a natural nexus for our school. He is our extra-curricular liaison with YOF programming, informing students of Hesed opportunities and social school events. A dynamic center of Yeshivah Prep, our alumni share their accomplishments with him, while current students know he is available most anytime with deep concern for whatever question or inquiry is at hand. 

“Our school is a place where students receive the attention and care that they would miss out on in a mainstream school.”

Rabbi Yosef Fogel

Judaic Studies Teacher
Nesivot Hatorah
Experience:Yeshiva Rtzhad 
                 Yeshivat Ohel Torah
                 Mesivta Lev Bonim
                 Yeshivah Prep & GYY 5th Grade

When Rabbi Fogel watches students getting excited about learning in the English Saka Edition of the Yalkut Yosef, he knows that his students are enjoying the practical application of Judaism in their lives. They tell him, “This is like real halachot that we do!” As a result he finds that his YP students are well advanced in the subject matter. Halachot of shabbat and the holidays are not foreign impositions but relevant parts of their Jewish identity. Homework consists of research on topics or personalities from the day’s lesson, leading to exciting classroom discussions as students own their self guided material.  

Power of Jewish Women
Mrs. Sandy Azizo                  

Public Speaking/The Pride of Jewish Women at Yeshivah Prep HS

Raising everyday experiences to a level of joyful meaning.To attempt Tikkun of the community and larger world.To perpetuate Hesed and lead a moral life.This is The Pride of Jewish Women, a unique class taught to Yeshivah Prep girls. Teacher Mrs. Sandy Azizo fires up her students to explore role models from both history and modern life; from Tanach to the evening news. In addition, harnessing the precious culture and customs of Jewish heritage she encourages the students to learn the connections between the past and their own present in order to take special pride in their modern day Jewish lives.Mrs. Azizo's classes prepare traditional holiday foods on occasion, but they are more often focused on curriculum based field trips and hesed opportunities. Her contagious energy inspires the girls to develop a trove of good works in order to give back and show gratitude to Hashem. This hands on approach towards greater spirituality is a delicate concept to balance, yet POJW never ceases to achieve it and along the way inspire. "We explore the unique qualities of our matriarchs, but also heroines in the news like Margaret Thatcher. This is a springboard for self improvement so that the qualities of respect, sedaka and reverence to Hashem become part of our lives."


Mrs. Rikki Chinskey, BA Edu, MA Sp.Edu      

English Teacher B.A. & M.A. Queens College
Experience: Yeshiva Darchei Torah   
                   Yeshivah Prep 2 years

Improving the reading and writing skills of every grade, Mrs. Chinsky motivates the students by involving them in the reading choices. When studying high school level novels, they traverse the path from literal to figurative readers. Utilizing literary elements and techniques students compare the works of famous authors, delve into poetry and essay writing. Maximizing classroom time all materials are presented in a clear and  systematic way which has resulted in independent reading, a familiarity with historical figures and a general moaning when the period is over. 

Regents Prep / Science
Mrs. C.M. Herzberg, M.A. Sp. Ed., ABA      

Biology/ A.P. History 

Daemon College
Experience: Otzar Early Childhood
                  Yeshivah Prep & GYY 11 Years

In preparing for the richness of the American History Regent exam language, Mrs. Herzberg systematically builds up the student’s ability to dissect information in front of them. They eventually learn to mentally highlight  the data of importance in order to  answer the questions correctly. This process of elimination is integral for document based questions. In addition two years of facts have to be absorbed in order to conquer thematic questions, multiple choice queries and written essays. In this light, developing a strong sense of curiosity aids in the retention. Through current events and historical cross-referencing the students analyze how people lived and worked. Political discussions and trips to memorials such as the 9/11 Museum provoke lengthy and productive lessons.Inquisitivity and an analyzation of relevant news sources are useful tools that carry over into 9th grade Biology and 10th grade Earth Science classes respectively. Ecology, Evolution, Immunity, Reproduction, Genetics, Scientific Inquiry and Parts of the Cell are all covered in Biology, with a strong sense of curiosity and the means to understand it leading the way. 

"YP is unique in the way they cater to each student’s individual needs. It is not a one size fits all school. Each child receives what he or she needs in order to fulfill his or her potential.”

Global Studies / History / Science 
Mr. Zachary Steiner, M.A. Education       

A.P. Global History/ Math/ Chemistry 
Touro College
Experience: HASC  
                  Yeshivah Prep 4 years

One of those devoted educators who keeps the energy level on high, Mr. Steiner encourages interactive learning. He will devise a unique scavenger hunt for in the Museum of Natural History to back up lessons from Global. In Math students will use masking tape on the floor to stand in a life size graph, and Chemistry will literally come alive when students sample NHy or smelling salts. No wonder we have him teaching three subjects! Creating strong memories the enjoyable lessons stick well after finals and the Advanced Placement exam. 

​Spanish Language
Mrs. Elana Birman                               

Spanish Teacher   
Experience: Spanish Language Chair, YoF XX years   
                  Spanish 7 years Yeshivah Prep

Senora Birman is a respected Head of Language program teacher who enjoys teaching Spanish to YP students. Through typical language drills, conversations and both written and oral reports she encourages students to research and study different Spanish speaking countries. Cultural studies then fit in nicely with the small size and pace of this important verbal skill.

Music Instruction
Mr. Gene Segal 
Music Teacher

“The purpose of the 9th grade guitar class is to expose the students to music”, explains Mr. Segal. “For many this is the first time they have an instrument in their hands." Students learn to read notes and the difference between string notes and drum or piano notes per say. Music appreciation includes different styles of cultural music as well as an understanding of rhythm and beats. Some students participate in the YOF orchestra.

Mr. Jason Novetsky

BFA University of Cleveland,

OhioCranbrook Academy of Art,

Apprenticeship with American Sculptor Jeff Koonz
Experience:Industrial Sculpting  
                  College Art 
                  Yeshivah of Flatbush Art & Advanced Art 16 years
                  YP Art & Advanced Art 6 years

Creating an environment in which students can develop an idea, work it through to a prototype and ultimately a finished product requires the ability to instruct in a comfortable, judgement free zone. Freshmen learn visual literacy, perception and communication; color theory; expression. Projects include choosing a topic and executing it effectively by considering aspects such as perspective and gradation. Sophomores delve into abstract thinking, negative and positive space and the conceptual side of art as they graduate from the familiar to the less familiar. Student work is displayed at YOF and any can and do qualify for Advanced Art and portfolio preparation.

“Many YP students have strengths in these areas that they don’t yet know of. Here they have an opportunity to explore them.”

College Guidance
Mrs. Toby Silvera, Mrs. Doris Anteby
Experience: Private Practice

Our college guidance team begins exploring interests by helping place our Seniors in professional internship positions. By trying different positions some students learn the valuable lesson of what they don’t want. In this way, college goals target student strengths. Help with the entire college application process, essay writing and follow up to the institutions of choice are all a part of the professional services Mrs.Silvera and Anteby provide. Parental involvement throughout ensures satisfied families as well as proud graduates moving on to their next, important achievement.   

Related Services

Mrs. Jacqueline Levy, M.S., C.C.C.- S.L.P.       

Speech Therapist
B.A. New York University, M.A. Brooklyn College
Experience: Yeshivah Prep 4 years

Mrs. Levy has been enhancing the the expressive and receptive language skills of her students for the past four years. She does this by developing a great rapport with the teens, both individually and in groups. Staying focused and on task; following directions and listening; relating narrative; task analysis and writing all fall under the Speech umbrella. A  whole lot more than articulation, Speech enhances every other subject taught in the school.

Mrs. Baila Steinman, OTR/L                 

Occupational Therapist 
B.A. Special Education Brooklyn College,M.A. SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Experience: Mirrer Yeshiva K- HS, 8 years 
                   YDE 2 years
                  Yeshivah Prep 3 Years

​One on one occupational therapy is integral to helping high school students learn good study habits. They will be taking Regents, moving on to higher education and the practical world. Learning time management and organizational skills, they also benefit from line by line attention to detail of their writing. Visual perception is a priority as it acclimates students to conceptualize the medium they are reading. From a subway map to a political cartoon, they learn to break things down, pay attention to detail and find the meaning of the material in front of them. When a student tells Mrs. Steinman, “I really know that OT is helping me in all my other classes,” she knows they are learning to make mature efforts at understanding and taking charge of their world.

“Our Students are fortunate to have a wide variety of extracurricular classes and activities, balancing out a full Regent and Hebrew program. Classes are customized to match the different learning styles and academic levels of our students.”

School Guidance               
Mrs. Natasha Serure, L.M.S.W. Guidance Counselor            

B.A. Psychology Brooklyn College, M. A. Hunter College School of Social WorkPost- M.A. training in the Ackerman Institute for the Family Experience: Internship YOF HS Guidance Counselor
                             Yeshivah Prep 4 years

Mrs. Serure enjoys watching students realize that they are capable of  achieving change and success. They grow in self-confidence with each academic and social accomplishment. For instance she will help a student self regulate with frustration-tolerance skills or overcome a set back. By the time they graduate they have learned  that challenges are surmountable by helping them explore success in areas they didn't think possible beforehand. The incentive program she incorporated into the curriculum  motivates students to excel on a weekly basis as well. Further, school spirit is enhanced when she pairs freshmen with upperclassmen with a Big Brother/ Big Sister mentoring. This successfully creates long lasting bonds between the students as the Senior teaches Freshman the ropes and is able to answer their questions and worries like no one else can. 

“Many of our students have very unique talents or interests that they pursue, whether it is in the music, performing arts, technology... which makes for a very fun and diverse school ambiance.”

Miss Nechama Gottlieb                        

Office Manager

The glue that holds so much together, our go to person for announcements, recaps, and all the relevant data that makes an atmosphere run smoothly. Miss Gottlieb balances it all with a smile. Our field trips wouldn’t be the same without her – neither would all the small details of our programming that fall into her lap.